So why The Elephant Logo?

Elephants have traditionally been known for having extraordinary memories...

In my lifetime... I have never experienced anything more rewarding than helping people... giving a gift that is well received... to forget about yourself and put others first.  

Do you remember slowing down in traffic instead of speeding up... so that person with their turn signal on could pull in front of you and change lanes to make their exit... you helped them out... and it felt good... didn’t it? 
So why do so many people not live a life that is centered on helping others?   For me... it is simply that I get caught up in everyday life... and forget.  Many people... including myself... tend to be focused more on themselves than on others... we are human... and that seems to be human instinct.   I believe the rewards of helping other people have to be learned through experiences and then remembered... hence the elephant.
It is my goal to develop a website with the sole purpose of connecting people together so that they can help people in any form or fashion... from material to spiritual.   

Think of it as a "Facebook with a mission" 


"Pay It Forward mentality".  

I can't do this alone.  
So I think the next step would be to set up a forum so those that are interested can communicate with each other and through the collected efforts, talents and synergy of many... "" could reach out to the people of the world to help one another. <3<3<3